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1 (65a A4) Analysis of the “Law on Judiciary” passed by the Verkhovna Rada on February 7, 2002 By Ihor Koliushko. 2618
2 (212 А3) Governmental Agencies, which regulate telecommunications markets in the USA, Germany, United Kingdom and France. By Natalia Lubkovych 3037
3 (68a A1) Presidential, Parliamentary and Mixed Form of Government: The Experience of Democracies of Central and Eastern Europe in the Context of Ukraine. By Volodymyr Pigenko, Taras Pushak 4066
4 (211 А1) Parliamentary Assistants in the Member States of the European Union: Selection from the Working Paper of European Parliament Directorate-General for Research. 3115
5 (214 А1) Organization of the work of the Parliamentary Committees in Western Democracies: Job Description for Committee Staffers Working with Media By Natalia Lubkovych 3457
6 (210 A5) Dimensions of Administrative Reform By Robert Agranoff 3416
7 (209 А1) Effective Election Technology . By the Parliamentary Development Project for Ukraine 2956
8 (67a A5) Some Comparative Aspects of Local Governance 2878
9 (218 (1,2) L4) Official Documents of the European Communities Concerning Gender Equality 2880
10 (217 А1) Gender Equality as a Factor of Sustainable Development of the Society 3003
11 (219 L4) Judiciary System in Hungary and Rumania 2825
12 (69 а А2) Assurance of the Parliamentary Oversight Function in Legislative-executive Relations / April, 2005 2725


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